Modern double glazing is not just for new residential or commercial properties

Residing in a world where new build properties are appearing quicker than ever you could be misinterpreted that modern-day double glazing is just for the new most current houses.

Modern double glazing has many advantages that go method beyond just the look of the window or door design.

Did you know that glazing could assist you to save money? Our windows assist to decrease heat loss from your house indicating your house maintains heat much better and uses less energy. Not just is our double glazing safe, strong and affordable it is also fantastic at reducing outside noise and is low maintenance.

Below you will discover some ideas to consider when thinking of making changes to your property.


You might think that having a standard design residential or commercial property means that you are not able to have contemporary double glazing as it will look too new and contemporary for your home.

Our sash windows supply an updated version of a classic, they have smooth runners for opening and closing, supply a neat fit with no rattling, a typical issue of old-style sash window designs and they have a tilt feature for ease of cleaning.

Our Georgian windows are a genuine replacement and work well on duration homes or on a more modern-day residential or commercial property. Together with all the included benefits, double glazing can give your home the Georgian appearance will add sophistication and style.

Don’t forget that if your home is a noted home or sits within a conservation area it is essential that you inspect all concepts for improvements with the relevant bodies before going on with your plans.


Casement windows bring an ageless design that can update the look of your house together with the included advantages of modern-day double glazing. Casement windows are a style that works well with a broad variety of home styles and building materials. A traditional design with a modern-day twist is the Tilt and Turn window. This particular window has a double opening design implying the window can be opened slightly at a slanted angle or be fully opened from the side like a more traditional window. All windows feature protected locking methods to enable limited access for included comfort.

Adding contrast

Being distinct and producing a search for your home that shows your personality, style or interests is ending up being a lot more possible. Old and new features can integrate together to produce a striking look for your house, for example, old standard stone looks fantastic combined with Anthracite Grey or Black window frames as does Chartwell Green windows against a cream render.

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