Top Tips When House Hunting

Whether it’s your first purchase, or one of many, your home hunting process can be rather overwhelming and a little frustrating. Don’t forget to take a step back and pat yourself on the back to be able to make such a dedication– you’re doing excellent!

We’ve pulled some suggestions together to think about when house searching, considering the truth that whilst in numerous ways option in the housing market varies, too much choice can likewise throw us off track.

Set your budget

There is definitely nothing incorrect with ‘champagne thinking’, however in most cases, this is typically met ‘prosecco budgets’ and with this is mind, it’s time to get thinking about what your optimum spending plan is. Don’t stretch yourself too far, as whilst having a stunning home is a thing of dreams, all of us still require to live and enjoy life! Think of keeping some in the reserve for a rainy day– there are lots of costs associated with being a homeowner, a number of which aren’t expected.

Create a list of fundamentals

Determine what is preferable and what is definitely necessary. For example, a garden may be preferable to some and necessary to others. Consider your list in context, and how much you are willing to jeopardise for a great price, or area. When you have this clear in your mind, your shopping around must end up being a little easier. Of course, this might all alter when met with a property you weren’t quite expecting, and in this case– follow your gut!

Shortlist locations

Research the locations you would consider transferring to, take a look at the local towns and shopping centres. Think of how far your regional store is for a pint of milk on a Sunday morning, as these things contribute to for how long you are happy and comfortable in your house. Believe forward, do you intend on contributing to the family? If so, it may also be worth looking at schools in the location and local parks and activities.


One viewing will not suffice. Check out the residential or commercial property during the day, and likewise in the evening– to get a feel for the neighbourhood, the parking situation and the basic feel of the location. Ask to walk the property on your own, so you can get a feel for the location and start to visualise yourself there. Don’t forget to ask as many questions as you like.

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