How To Keep Your Home Safe In Summer-

It’s frightening that there are around 7.3 million thefts in the UK every year. Though it’s one of the simplest crimes to prevent, breaking and entering is the most common. Lots of house owners don’t see how the smallest features can make their property genuinely preferable to burglars. They likewise don’t realise how simple the measures are that they can require to discourage them!

The first thing an intruder considers is if there’s anybody at home. Many of us are out of your home from morning until the evening time, and likewise invest a great deal of time away at weekends on over vacations, particularly in the summer time. This enables sufficient time for intruders to enter. Naturally, this does not suggest that we must be afraid to leave our homes. Rather, there are a number of practical procedures you can require to make your home as safe as possible this summer season. Continue reading to find out more:

Keep Up Appearances

Robbers are lured by homes that display their prized possessions, in addition to those that look simple to enter. Houses that appear shabby and unkempt are often targets, as burglars expect the owners to be less watchful with security. Owners that are lazy with shutting gates and garage doors may also be targeted– after all, if someone can’t be bothered to close a door, they’re extremely unlikely to lock another!

  • DO make your home appearance well cared for
  • DO set up a new fence or freshen up an old one
  • ELIMINATE all expensive and preferable products from view, hence removing temptation from onlookers
  • CLOSE and lock gates, garages and sheds

Windows & Doors Matter

The quality of your windows, doors and other glazed locations of your house can have a huge impact on its safety and security. Up to date installations aren’t only recommended for their aesthetic appeals and energy efficiency, but likewise for strength and toughness that can’t be matched by their weak, timeworn equivalents.

  • DO choose doors and windows with exceptional security features, such as our uPVC designs
  • DO select strong doors with quality deadbolts
  • DO select double or triple glazing
  • DEAL WITH doors in between garages/outbuildings and your house as significant outdoors doors, and use the same kind of locks you would usually utilize on front and back doors
  • NEVER leave home keys and cars and truck secrets within reach of doors and windows

Be Social Media Savvy

Many people are active on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, but not all of them are aware of the security threats related to social networks use. It’s far too simple for complete strangers to see what you’re up to and where you live, even if you’ve triggered strong privacy settings. All it takes is for one buddy to leave their own social page visited on a public computer system, and your personal information will be there for everyone to see.

  • NEVER publish your home address on social networks pages
  • DON’T reveal off about new devices, like laptops, iPads or mobile phones– this is an advert for all of your house’s belongings
  • DON’T ‘sign in’ publicly if you are abroad
  • DON’T reveal the dates you are travelling– eg. “I can’t wait to go to Greece on Saturday for a week!”
  • REMOVE geotagging from your Instagram page, which will stop your images from instantly displaying their area, and for that reason informing people where your home is or that you’re presently away

Play Safe With Pets

Sometimes animals can be more of an encouragement that deterrent, as these house owners are less likely to use an alarm system. Feline owners might likewise be prone to leaving downstairs windows unlocked, making it even easier for intruders to enter. If you desire your furry buddy to have access to the outdoors, choose a high quality cat flap and ensure it’s set up correctly into a strong, long lasting door. Inexpensive feline flaps and substandard work will make your door weaker, and for that reason much easier to begin.

  • DON’T leave pet toys and devices lying around in view
  • ONLY leave windows and doors open if you’re in the room
  • KEEP canines downstairs on a night– they’ll be much quicker to signal you if there’s a trespasser
  • DON’T set up cheap cat flaps into old or weak doors

The Great, Guarded Outdoors

Gardens and yards can offer easy gain access to and a fast escape path to burglars, while large trees, sheds and garages can also provide concealing places. Lots of people forget about their gardens when it comes to home security, but these spaces also need some factor to consider.

  • DON’T leave ladders or tools lying around
  • DO safe garden sheds with durable padlocks
  • INSTALL movement picking up lights above your windows and doors
  • Cut down trees and branches that hang near roofings

Making your house safe and safe is simpler than you may believe. By following these basic actions, you can safeguard your house versus burglars and provide yourself assurance, so you can unwind and enjoy your summer season, any place worldwide you may be! You can find out more about our high quality, secure doors and windows by exploring our variety.

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5 DIY Hacks to Heating Your Home

As Tom Jones famously sang “It’s cold outdoors” and it’s not going to get much warmer for a couple of months longer. Heating your home in the winter can get pricey and use up much of a households outgoings monthly.

Even being able to lower the temperature level by a few degrees can add up to a great conserving at the end of every month.

  1. Heat your home when you require the heating, not all of the time
    There is a common debate about whether you ought to warm your house on low and consistent or in bursts to the temperature you require.

Proponents of low and continuous state that switching on the boiler and raising the temperature of each room is energy extensive and far less efficient that keeping a space at a continuous temperature.

This isn’t true. Heat is constantly being squandered, slipping through spaces under doors and through the ceiling and your heating is continuously working to keep the temperature level set on the thermometer.

This suggests that if you’re not in the house or have actually gone to sleep all of that energy is escaping, and that total energy will for the most part be greater than the energy needed to at first warm up a space.

In short, just use the heating when you need it.

  1. Tin foil behind radiators
    This one is easy– heat is lost through the wall each time a radiator is turned on. The less heat that is lost through the wall, the more that remains in the room.

A cheap and fairly efficient way of reflecting heat is through tin foil put behind the radiators. The most cost effective way to do this is through tin foil bought in any supermarket however specialist polyester and polyethylene radiator tin foil can be purchased from here for ₤ 5.99 for 4m.

  1. Sealing outlets and switches
    This one is a bit more difficult and for those that haven’t manages plugs and sockets before and are unsure of how to turn off power to the area they’re dealing with this might be one to skip over or leave to an electrician. If you’re confident in what you’re doing then read on:
  • Shut off the power to the area youre dealing with
  • Remove the cover plate to the switch
  • Select the proper seal and get rid of the cut outs
  • Use the foam seal over the outlet an line up the holes
  • Replace the cover plate

Do this throughout all plug sockets in your house and this will help in reducing a fairly visible heat loss.

  1. Magnet over keyhole
    Front and back doors are the very first line of defence against the cold, often indicating hallways are the coldest parts of your house. That’s because heat is slowly leaving through spaces around and in the door.

A frequently forgotten offender can be the tiny keyhole gradually drawing heat out to the outdoors. A keyhole magnet which can cost just a few pounds can be positioned over the keyhole particularly over night, to stop any heat leaving.

  1. Draught Excluders
    A timeless technique for keeping as much heat as possible. Material draught excluders put at the bottom of a door stop heat leaving underneath and rubber draught excluders along the edge of a door can guarantee as little heat is lost as possible. This combined with a magnetic keyhole cover will seal up doors.

Basically try to find throughout your house that has a gap where heat can get away and plug it up. Gaps that lead outside should be the very first concern, but internal heat loss should not be left undetected. Get insulating!

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How To Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly in Winter

Have you ever considered how much more gas and electrical power you use at this time of year? The average house usages around 500 kWh monthly throughout the summertime, however in winter, that rises to over 700 kWh. This indicates your costs can increase by more than 30%.

When it’s cold outside, all of us long to be cosy and comfy inside. We turn on the kettle more often, watch more TV, leave the lights on for longer, and enhance our radiators approximately the max. We say no to brief cold showers and opt for long, glamorous baths, while salads and cocktails are swapped for casseroles, cakes and hot chocolate. These changes in our lifestyle need more gas and electrical power, which results in increasing energy expenses. We also invest more cash on food, transport and gifts at this time of year. If we’re not cautious, our wallets can take a major hit, while our ecological footprints see an abrupt growth spurt. Winter isn’t simply uncomfortable for our bank balances, but for the environment, too!

Keep your home warm this winter

However there are plenty of other manner ins which you can accomplish an environmentally friendly and economically efficient home this winter season. Keep reading to learn more!

Better bulbs

Dark mornings and early evenings call for lights and lights to be switched on more often. At this time of year, you’re a lot more likely to weep “It’s like Blackpool Illuminations in here!” Save yourself the sighs from your member of the family, and make certain to remind everyone to switch off lights when they leave a space. If your kids are especially forgetful when it comes to lights, discuss that the more money saved on energy expenses implies more to spend at Christmas! You can likewise buy LED bulbs, which are exceptionally effective compared to traditional incandescent lights.

Deny temperature levels

We’re all guilty of enhancing our radiators a little too high when the weather first turns. Do you consider the other strategies you can use for warming up your home? Begin by identifying any areas that can be enhanced in terms of heat retention– draughts, fractures and ill-fitting doors and windows, for instance. When these issues have actually been repaired, you’ll be happily shocked at how much warmer your house feels. You need to also programme your thermostat and ensure that no family members experiment with it. Be sure to turn it off (or a minimum of extremely low) throughout the night, and also when your home is empty. There’s no point in losing expensive heat, after all!

Cautious with curtains

Another effective way to manage your home’s thermal effectiveness is with thoughtful window dressings. Open your curtains and blinds at the hottest points in the day, permitting the sun to flood inside. When it starts to get cooler and darker, shut them tight to retain as much heat as possible. If you feel your window dressings aren’t the best entertainers when it pertains to keeping the heat, it may be worth purchasing new, thermal efficient services.

Tactical tech

Given that we invest a lot more time inside in winter season time, we have to find other kinds of entertainment. Televisions, stereos, computer systems and games consoles will all be used more frequently, which implies they’ll likewise be guzzling electricity. Tablets and phones might also require to be charged regularly. Be mindful of the quantity of gadgets you use, and keep in mind to switch things off at the mains (items left on standby can add an additional 10% onto your electrical energy expense!).

Determined cookery.

At this time of year we all spend a lot more time in the kitchen area, cooking up our preferred seasonal specialities. And while we’re all susceptible to acquiring a few extra pounds through winter, we do not in fact consume a huge amount more than the remainder of the year. That indicates that a lot of food gets discarded, which wastes our cash as well as the natural resources that are used in food production. Be careful when you purchase food, ensuring that you only buy what is needed, and if you’ve over-estimated come meal time, use your fridge and freezer.

Sensible shopping.

You need to likewise provide additional thought to the clothes, toys and presents you purchase through fall and winter season. This time of year is packed with amazing occasions like Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year, all of which can be seriously costly. Make lists prior to you struck the stores to guarantee you don’t go overboard; you must treat yourself and your household, of course, but your bank balance will forgive you if you forego the impulse purchases that just wind up jumbling up the house.

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How to produce a light and airy living space

Having a house that is safe and welcoming is great for our wellness and knowing that you have an environment you can retreat to when life takes over is very important.

A dark, dismal space with little light will not have a positive result on the state of mind and wellbeing of a person. Having a space that is light and rejuvenating will develop an enjoyable environment for you to live, socialise and most importantly relax in.

How do you create this environment for your house? Listed below you will discover ideas on how to assist you accomplish a fresh lifestyle.

Tidy and sparkling
Offering windows and doors a fresh look by cleaning them inside and out will instantly improve the clearness of light entering your residential or commercial property.

Neat and Tidy
Keeping the beyond your residential or commercial property cool and neat particularly the areas closest to windows and doors will enable more light to enter your home. Preserve your garden by cutting foliage and cutting bushes and trees back.

Top idea … if the outside of your residential or commercial property has fencing maintain it by painting it a light colour or just seal the wood using a light coloured or clear sealant. This will assist reflect the light, instead of absorb it, developing a much brighter environment.

When choosing colours for the within your house think of the size of the space and just how much light goes into the area.

Keeping colours fresh and light on the walls will instantly enhance the feeling of a brighter area. If you do wish to add impact to a space select simply one wall to paint in an accent colour keeping the remaining walls extremely light.

Colour does not have to go on the wall to make a room interesting. There are numerous fantastic interior designs, designs and fabrics to choose from these days that colour can be a part of your space simply in the home furnishings and completing touches. Plain white walls with a bold statement rug and cushions can develop style in addition to add colour to the space without darkening an area.

Leading pointer … adding fresh flowers brings the outdoors in producing a fresh sensation and might even include a delightful fragrance to the space together with a pop of colour.

Window dressings
When it comes to dressing your windows it is very important to think of how much light goes into the room. If your window is small heavy drapes or drapes will shut out light, including a venetian blind in a light colour, for example, will develop personal privacy when required however likewise can be slanted open or totally lifted to enable the light to flood the space.

If you live on a busy street or on a main road you may want to consider including a frosted window movie as this will enhance personal privacy without blocking light. Keeping drapes and blinds neutral in colour and textures will always help to enhance the flow of light in a space.

Improving an interior area is the perfect time for a declutter, the expression ‘less is more’ is absolutely appropriate when producing a light and airy living space. Getting rid of excess furniture will open an area and by altering the furniture around it can help to improve the light circulation around a room.

Top tip … keep furniture far from windows and doors so light is not taken in.

Some other fantastic ideas to help improve the light in your living spaces are; paint or upcycle dark pieces of furniture, include light tosses and cushions to couches and chairs if they can’t be replaced, and include a light coloured and light-weight rug to dark flooring.

Top idea … if your space truly is on the small size a fantastic suggestion is to add a big mirror to one wall or above a fireplace. This will not only show the room area, developing the illusion of a bigger space overall, it will also reflect light all around the space creating a lovely bright environment.

If the budget plan permits
If you’ve been thinking about enhancing your living environment by adding space then there is a lot of choices when it pertains to adding a light home to your house. With many options from glass conservatories to conservatories with bi-fold doors, you can be sure that we will create a design absolutely appropriate to your concepts and budget plan.

Not just can we add space we can likewise upgrade present doors and windows. This will enhance the light in your home while increasing economic efficiency and boosting the safety of your property.

When it comes to creating a light and airy living area there are lots of choices you can select to check out. The most crucial aspects to remember is that a living space need to be relaxing and refreshing and completely distinct to you and your family.

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Dressing new windows with blinds

Nowadays blinds include all type of modern elements in their styles to help make daily living practical, trendy and safe. With new features such as waterproof products that appear like wood so they can withstand the moist environment of bathrooms, indestructible styles that can bend back into shape and most significantly kid security devices for cord pulls and loops.

Including blinds is a terrific option when it comes to dressing your windows as they are terrific for including privacy and controlling how much light enters an area but with numerous options where do you start?

Listed below you will find some helpful concepts when it concerns dressing your windows with blinds, a stylish and useful choice for a brand-new visual.

Roller blinds
A timeless and timeless design that includes a simple roller action to move the blind up and down. It’s fast end up being a popular option in children’s bed rooms similar to its neat fit close to the window and the blind product, when made of blackout fabric, blocks light going into the room. A tidy, streamlined style that works both in modern and conventional residential or commercial properties, offered in a variety of colours and material prints.

Venetian blinds
Neat, effective and very popular venetian blinds have become the leader in blind window dressings due to the unlimited colour options, item materials and the truth they are fantastic at creating many options when it concerns controlling privacy and light. Horizontal slats, taped vertically with ribbons or cables at intervals supply a style that can be tilted at differing angles, lifted completely or slanted fully closed.

There are limitless options when it concerns picking your blinds, wood effects, water resistant functions and contrasts in slat and ribbon styles, suggesting finding a design appropriate for your house must be easy.

Mini and Micro blinds resemble venetian blinds, they just include much smaller sized spaces in between the slats.

Roman blinds
Are made of fabric and include a folding method where the material folds into itself when raised, because of this the collect of folded material on top frequently forms a block to light going into that part of the window. Roman blinds are a timeless look that is a terrific option if you want to incorporate matching fabrics from other components of your space, for instance, cushions, curtains or couch fabrics.

Vertical blinds
Deal a fantastic solution when it concerns including blinds to a room with patio area or French doors. Hanging vertically they use the alternative to be opened (congregated) from the centre point or from one end permitting the door to be completely accessed. They likewise have a tilting option comparable to venetian blinds and the option to be closed completely.

Panel blinds
Are a modern-day option when dressing large windows or patio doors. They hang vertically and are set in a track on fine rollers placed at the top and bottom of the blind. When they open they neatly fold against one another. With plain and printed choices these blinds could provide a contemporary look for a new space.

Solar blinds
They are really large and enable light in but block out the strength of it, excellent for huge window spaces that get a lot of sunlight.

Smart blinds
Fit into our modern world, a world that is using a growing number of technology. Smart blinds are linked to clever house innovation and can turn a window from daily glazing to a frosted or blacked out window at the tap of a button. Smart innovation can also be fitted to existing blinds allowing you to manage the light and personal privacy of your house even when you are away from your property.

The option you have when it concerns the style/colour of your blinds is never-ending but here are a couple of tips …

  • Wood is a classic product, its classic and includes warmth to an area
  • A wood effect product will give you the exact same style as wood but will be much lighter in weight and features added advantages like the water resistant products
  • Metal adds a modern appearance
  • Fabric blinds provide unlimited material options from plain to printed, matching, contrasting, large or thick

Whether you choose readymade or made to determine, dressing your windows with blinds is certainly a chic and stylish method to include a fresh look.

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Top 5 suggestions for keeping your home more secure in summertime

Every day we make every effort to keep our liked ones safe, whether it is making sure everyone has their safety belt on in the cars and truck or a great layer of sun cream security on for a bright day out. When it comes to house security we should also ensure we are doing our best to safeguard the individuals we enjoy and keep our residential or commercial property safe.

Summer is the best time to get together with family and friends, toss open the doors to take pleasure in the garden or head off on holiday. That said, it is also the best time for trespassers to take opportunities as the warm weather condition can make our homes less safe and secure.

Below you will discover 5 top pointers to assist enhance your house’s security while taking pleasure in the warmer months.

  1. Outside
    The best place to start improving your home’s security is to keep the exterior of your home. The ideal beginning point for a burglar is an observation point for maintaining to date with how you live your life. If you limit this then their cover will be blown so the temptation is significantly lowered.
  • Cut back overgrown locations of dense foliage, bushes and trees that might develop the ideal hiding place
  • Include an outside sensor light that responds to movement, no one wishes to be exposed in the spotlight when attempting not to be seen
  • Include an alarm system, the visual identity of one on the exterior of your property might suffice to keep an intruder walking
  1. Enjoying the outdoors
    The garden typically becomes an extension to your house on those hot warm days throughout which you listen to music, welcome buddies & family from far and wide to take pleasure in a barbecue and have a couple of drinks.

Nevertheless, while you’re all out in the garden delighting in the summertime atmosphere a burglar may see this as the best opportunity to get from the front of your home. For instance:

  • While out in the garden keep the front of your home safe and secure. Lock doors and where possible lock windows using a window restrictor even if it means just permitting very little air circulation into the property while you are in the garden
  • Do not keep type in doors and window locks, keep in mind a safe place to put them out of view in case of emergency
  • Ensure that you are aware of who is coming and going from your home– are visitors using a side gate or back door?
  1. Do not make it easy
    After you’ve been hectic in the garden all day the last thing you may seem like doing is putting all your garden tools back in the shed or garage however this just another opportunity for intruders if they’re excluded in the open.
  • Ensure all tools are secured safely as all can be used to get to your property
  • Ladders ought to be securely put away not just left provided versus an outside wall
  1. Out of sight out of mind
    We all know the saying ‘if it runs out sight it’s out of mind’. Well, this is especially real for a trespasser. If it’s not obvious to them then it’s undoubtedly going to take a lot longer to discover. Therefore, do not make your home a simple temptation by leaving gizmos and phones in apparent sight.
  • Keep all video games consoles out of view in a storage box or draw when not in use
  • Do not leave your phone in plain sight
  • When not in use place laptops and iPads out of sight
  • Keep jewellery and expensive products of clothes in a wardrobe or draw
  1. We will be back in a few weeks
    Never ever relay your departure from your residential or commercial property. With the ever-present social media platforms playing a role in our lives it is simple to share and overshare the details and excitement of vacations and trips to family and friends. That said, you never know who beyond this group of individuals may likewise read this info. Keep your home safe while you are away by:
  • Locking all windows, doors and external structures such as sheds or garages
  • Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home
  • Make your home look lived in by asking a neighbour to put the bin out, eliminate post, open or close drapes or add a light timer
  • If you have an alarm system, do not forget to set it

Whatever your strategies are for summer, if you’re remaining regional for your vacation or flying to an exotic place, don’t let your house be a target for trespassers.

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Bi-fold doors bring a brand-new style of living

Living in a world that is continuously busy our day to day lives can, at times, feel very chaotic and demanding. Having a house that is unwinding and welcoming is more essential than ever to assist you discover those much needed moments to relax.

An area that is welcoming, useful and interesting will assist you to delight in day-to-day living and maximise those special family times or minutes invested with buddies.

Whether it is a casual Sunday lunch or a large birthday celebration an area that is light, airy and fresh will actually develop a favourable environment. Bi-fold doors could be the easy addition to your house to truly make the most of the space you currently have or could be a beneficial factor to consider if making changes to your property.

Bi-fold doors create totally unique areas that mix easily with your outdoor space creating a new fresher style of living. Removing the barrier in between throughout produces an amazing method to live through the warmer months and produces a prolonged living space when loved ones get together.

How does a bi-fold door work?
Bi-fold doors permit a panel of windows to fold back permitting an entire wall to be eliminated developing a completely open living space.

Bi-fold doors have an ultra-slim profile creating a sophisticated look that enables extra light in when closed and when opened folds nicely together. The windows slide effortlessly on our high tech hinges and rollers enabling simple use and an elegant appearance.

All bi-fold doors are made to determine and include the very same extremely ranked, energy efficient and noise-reducing glass as all our other windows. They also have the same fantastic safety and security features incorporated into the style meaning you can be sure of the greatest standards across all your windows and doors.

The doors do not require to be centred in a supporting wall and for that reason are very good at saving area, this along with great deals of sizing options indicates you can create a look absolutely unique and practical to your house.

Are bi-fold doors just for contemporary properties?
Whether you own a conventional property with character features or an ultra-modern, smooth modern home bi-fold doors really can work for you. With numerous choices in design and colour, there will probably be a design right for your home.

The contrast in between old and new can be a very striking aesthetic and will produce an entire new look along with your new area. Think about the building materials of your home and the colours shown in them. Selecting a coloured frame might add the contrast your property needs for a trendy make over. Remaining standard in colour or style will still produce an interesting change for your home as in addition to the new home you will likewise gain all the added advantages of the brand-new glazing design.

How to develop a personal area
When thinking about incorporating bi-fold doors into your house you require to consider how you will use the brand-new area. Are you developing a bigger dining space, entertaining area or living space environment? Will the brand-new area type part of an office or studio? Whatever alternative you choose, think of how the space will be furnished and finished to completely make the most of the included living location.

If your bi-fold doors open directly onto the garden the outdoors space will naturally end up being a large part of the indoor area so think about the colours and design of the outdoors when thinking about colours, textures and home furnishings for your home.

With a new design of living to be enjoyed, welcome your brand-new space and most notably utilize it to make life more pleasurable and a bit more relaxing.

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The Best Plants For Your Home

Home plants have actually ended up being especially popular in millennial homes and they have a variety of health advantages! Plants play a role is purifying the air in your homes in addition to adding to what seems a calmer and more peaceful house environment.

Let’s not forget, they likewise look excellent! Flowers can really make a house feel like a home, and cheer up the place.

New to keeping plants? Go with something low upkeep and be mindful that excessive water can be just as harmful as not enough. If in doubt, purchase a little water spray bottle and provide a light spray every so often instead. This method permits the water to reach the leaves quicker and avoids leaving the plant in a puddle!

To increase the lifespan of your plants think about keeping a moderate temperature throughout your home– consistent extreme modifications in temperature can be hazardous. Also consider moving them around a little. Adjusting their exposure to light can change how well they grow and flower. If a plant is looking especially limp in a dark corner, possibly move it to a prime spot near the window and see if this makes a difference.

The key to looking after your plants is to not give up. Program them some love, be patient and see how they grow.

We’ve gathered our favourite plants to illuminate your homes:

Aloe Plant

Aloe has fantastic health benefits with a number of healing properties. You’ll no doubt usage skincare items that include aloe extract, as there is a soothing quality to the leaves which supports with the healing of skin burns and cuts. They’re also excellent for the atmosphere and require very little maintenance. The plant works to counter the quantity of harmful chemicals in the air which are frequently found in cleansing items.

Peace Lily

This might be the absolute preferred! A spectacular blooming plant which most certainly measures up to the name. The Peace Lily is low maintenance, full-bodied and works well in the shaded locations of your house. Do not put on display screen in direct sunshine and instead cheer up the cooler, shadier locations of your home.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant grows high and might succeed in the bedroom, as it functions to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen throughout the night– best for a fantastic night’s sleep! A lot of plants in fact do this during the day, so the Snake Plant is unique in this sense. They require really little upkeep and do not need much in the way of water and sunlight to endure– so this could be positioned throughout your room.

Bear in mind your plant choice if you have animals in your home, as some home plants like Amaryllis, can be hazardous to animals. It’s always worth asking when buying to be sure.

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It’s all in the details– guttering, fascias and soffits

After spending lots of time planning your home improvements, choosing windows, doors and even adding extra living space what about the smaller sized information? The finer details that are in some cases ignored but could actually be the complements to boost the look of your residential or commercial property and offer extra security from the aspects.

Guttering, fascias and soffits may look like the boring parts to home improvement but they are actually really important. Without them, your house would not operate in a smooth method and you would incur great deals of weather damage to your property over the years.

Conventional fascias and soffits were made from wood and needed great deals of upkeep.

For a long time the only colour choice in guttering, fascias and soffits was black and white, but now there are a range of colour choices for you to pick from. Whether you have a standard property, modern-day or very modern house we can assist you to discover the right included details for your residential or commercial property.

Products are made to the same high standards as our doors and windows and with useful details such as weather seals and channels for rainwater you can be sure of an item that will not only safeguard your house however be long enduring and conserve you money in the future.

Listed below you will discover some ideas to assist you consider what added details will be right for your home.

Colours and design
You have the option of colour in our fascia board and soffits collection, in addition to the traditional black and white we also have rosewood and light oak. Something to fit your residential or commercial property whether old, new, standard or modern.

With ornamental functions to contribute to the style, you can be sure of fascia boards that will cover and secure completions of the rafters for years to come together with soffits that let your home relax.

Our guttering and downpipes likewise come in an option of colours including black, white, dark brown and caramel. Perfect for collecting rainwater and draining it away from your home no matter what colour you choose.

Your home
With numerous designs of houses nowadays it is very important that you consider what will be right for your residential or commercial property. If you live in a standard house then you need to think about the character of the building, the colours in its building products and likewise consider the outside area around it. All of these components work together to give your house its identity so consider them when making changes or enhancements.

New build properties and modern styles may lend themselves to contrasting information to enhance functions and angles, or a streamlined contemporary style might provide itself to matching accents that develop a streamlined look.

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Modern double glazing is not just for new residential or commercial properties

Residing in a world where new build properties are appearing quicker than ever you could be misinterpreted that modern-day double glazing is just for the new most current houses.

Modern double glazing has many advantages that go method beyond just the look of the window or door design.

Did you know that glazing could assist you to save money? Our windows assist to decrease heat loss from your house indicating your house maintains heat much better and uses less energy. Not just is our double glazing safe, strong and affordable it is also fantastic at reducing outside noise and is low maintenance.

Below you will discover some ideas to consider when thinking of making changes to your property.


You might think that having a standard design residential or commercial property means that you are not able to have contemporary double glazing as it will look too new and contemporary for your home.

Our sash windows supply an updated version of a classic, they have smooth runners for opening and closing, supply a neat fit with no rattling, a typical issue of old-style sash window designs and they have a tilt feature for ease of cleaning.

Our Georgian windows are a genuine replacement and work well on duration homes or on a more modern-day residential or commercial property. Together with all the included benefits, double glazing can give your home the Georgian appearance will add sophistication and style.

Don’t forget that if your home is a noted home or sits within a conservation area it is essential that you inspect all concepts for improvements with the relevant bodies before going on with your plans.


Casement windows bring an ageless design that can update the look of your house together with the included advantages of modern-day double glazing. Casement windows are a style that works well with a broad variety of home styles and building materials. A traditional design with a modern-day twist is the Tilt and Turn window. This particular window has a double opening design implying the window can be opened slightly at a slanted angle or be fully opened from the side like a more traditional window. All windows feature protected locking methods to enable limited access for included comfort.

Adding contrast

Being distinct and producing a search for your home that shows your personality, style or interests is ending up being a lot more possible. Old and new features can integrate together to produce a striking look for your house, for example, old standard stone looks fantastic combined with Anthracite Grey or Black window frames as does Chartwell Green windows against a cream render.

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